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  • Solution
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Streamline Pharma Documentation

Make your documents secure, collaborative and audit-ready

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Companies get audited at least once a year


The compliance process is difficult and costs $10.2bn in the US alone

* “$10.2 billion was the cost related to regulatory infractions by pharmaceutical manufacturers between 2010 and 2012.” by S. Almashat, S. Wolfe, “Pharmaceutical Industry Criminal and Civil Penalties: An Update”, September 27, 2012

For a small-sized CRO the cost can be:



During Audit




Pharma and CROs partner with doDOC to simplify their document preparation and compliance processes.

Whether it is an individual, a department or an entire company, doDOC assists in every single documentation task ensuring that your documents will always be audit‐ready.

Before doDOC

With doDOC

How can doDOC help you?

Being always audit-ready

Cut down the costs by 60% to 70%

Fast FDA/EMA form filling

Save up to 50% in time spent

What do you get?


Know who wrote what, when, where and with whom, down to the word level.

Full Document Creation and Management Solution

Create and manage your documents using doDOC's easy to use interface.

Granular document Access Control

User access control: from batches of documents down to the inidividual paragraph level

Workflow capabilities

Access predifined or customize workflows tied to your company's processes.

Automatic Document Structure

doDOC tags your documents automatically as you write them and always knows what is that you're writing.

Full Structured Search

Searching specific information is enhanced by having all your documents automatically structured. Search specific keywords within specific elements of a batch of documents, such as table captions, table cells or sections.

Automatic Document Generation

doDOC allows you to write free form and prepopulated documents. Automatically format data for FDA/EMA forms, such as FDA 1571, 1572, 3674, 3455, 3500.

Integration with Microsoft Word/Google Docs

Use MS Word/Google docs to create documents that are automatically structured by doDOC

doDOC Ensures Continous Compliance

doDOC fits "in" the documentation workflow of your company, integrating with existing documentation platforms and enhancing their capabilities and your return on investment done with them.

Why choose doDOC?

doDOC Specific Solutions Generic Solutions
Information Centric (Robust & Flexible for new regulations)
Auditability (Track who wrote what, when, where and with whom)
Concurrent Doc. Editing
Granular Doc. Access Control (down to the word level)
Automatic Doc. Format (Custom, Medical & FDA)
Document Lifecycle & Workflow
Phase‐based Notifications
Analytics Dashboard
Track changes
Audit‐Ready Automatic PDF Reports

doDOC can save you from ending up with thousands of useless documents...

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