Simple, productive, and high-quality document collaboration
doDOC offers easy-to-use features, designed to simplify how your team writes and reviews documentation.
Organize documentation processes, with full oversight
Thinking and creating together doesn't need to be a mess.
Import Microsoft® Word documents
Keep working where you left off. Upload and convert your Microsoft® Word documents into editable doDOC ones, and start working on them in seconds.
Control of Permissions
Share your work safely. Control who can access your documentation, using permissions on folders, documents, and even paragraphs.
Automatic Secure Notifications
Never miss a deadline. All collaborators of a project are automatically informed by email when new documents and folders are created, work is assigned, and when deadlines are established.
Collaborate in real-time, with full traceability
In one place, go through the several stages of drafting, reviewing, and approving versions needed to complete projects.
Real-Time Collaborative Writing
Transform a tedious process into fast collaborative writing and review. Multiple people can work on the same document at the same time, accelerating collaboration and enabling fast decision-making.
One Single Document
Keep an organized timeline of versions without ending up with multiple disorganized documents.
Track all changes
Track changes made by every person, understanding who did what, where and when in the document, with the advantage of accepting, rejecting and commenting on those changes.
Common Library of Citations
Access references easily. Use EndNote and Mendeley citations, connect directly to PubMed and make your citations available for your entire team.
Finalize the work done by complying with format standards
Never again compromise your team’s productivity with repetitive and manual tasks to finalize your documentation.
Approve Content
Decrease the risk of errors. Individual paragraphs or entire documents and folders can be locked to avoid unwanted changes.
Automatic Formatting
Focus on the content. Find a large number of templates that fully comply with standards, citations, and corporate branding. Your documents will have a perfect layout without anyone having to waste time working on it manually.
Multiple Export Formats
Chose what best fits you. doDOC offers multiple ways to export documents when the work is finally done.
Gain superpowers over your documents