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doDOC is the only real-time authoring tool
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Write, review and approve
documents 70% faster!

doDOC optimizes every step of your documentation processes, enabling fast collaboration and full traceability.

Plan workflows and
assign responsibilities

Several stages of drafting, reviewing and final versions are needed to complete your projects. Easily define who owns every step of this process, which team is responsible for what, when they are expected to start and end, with full oversight.

Write better contents in

Thinking and creating together means writing higher quality contents faster. Your team can write simultaneously, chat about contents and quickly define the best approach and structure for single documents or entire projects.

Review and approve
with full traceability

Your team comments and inserts changes in your documents to make your documents meaningful. Versions and changes can be reviewed altogether or segmented by user, priority or time frame, while keeping track of every single action.

Automated ready-to-publish documents

Your final documents can look professional and comply with formatting standards without affecting your team’s productivity. Thousands of templates ensure that your contents get automatically formatted in seconds.

Perfect for medical, scientific and regulatory writing teams

“doDOC streamlines documentation processes to help us publish our great science to the rest of the world”

S. Wilkins, AstraZeneca Global Innovation Director

“I’ve been working in medical writing for more than 10 years, and I’ve never seen anything like doDOC. And I have been waiting for it!”

S. Senapati, Cognizant Medical Writing Manager

“With the automatic formatting provided by doDOC, we go beyond saving time, into a higher level of documentation quality”

QC Reviewer, Top 3 Contract Research Organization

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